Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Life of a Blue never changes???

The life of a blue never changes, or does it?

The highs are always somehow mixed with the lows if you're a Citeh fan, but who says that this statement has to depict all us Man City fans for the rest of our lives.

I for one will not settle for this. Yes, I have watched city get promoted and relegated more times than i would like to remember but they were the days that made me most proud and loyal. It is this passionate loyalty within MCFC's fanbase that makes City fans the club's best asset.

I believe that Man City are now debt free, thanks to the wealthy chairman at the helm because he saw potential in the club as well as a huge loyal fan base as the catalyst to a bright new era. An era that I believe will take City out of the depressing yo-yo years. An era of mingling with the elite of Europe for many years to come. An era where us long-suffering Blues can finally enjoy what we deserve.

So to all you Blues out there, I wish us all the best of luck this coming season. May the Blue Moon rise high and bright, for CITY ARE BACK, SO GET READY.

Mark Lynch
Mcfc Dubai supporters chairman

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