Monday, September 15, 2008

Omonia Vs MCFC - The Players' Lounge (?) Thursday 18th Sept K.O. 9.00pm

As things stand, it looks like this match will not be featured live in the Middle East, with currently only listing Sky One, SportKlub+, and Yes Sport 1 as showing it.

The saving grace is that Al Jazeera is not yet listed as showing any fixtures that evening, so they may step in at the last minute. Please keep on eye on the above website or contact myself or Mark for any further details, but needless to say, MCFC Dubai will be meeting in The Players' Lounge for this one if Al Jazeera do the decent thing.

It kicks off at 9.00pm Dubai time, and if it's not shown on TV, I'm sure there will be streaming internet links available for it at Fingers crossed.


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