Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Manchester Derby - Players' Lounge Sunday 30th Nov K.O. 5.30pm

Choose not knowing the history of your club. Choose Busby the Blue. Choose Dennis Law’s backheel. Choose Sir Bobby Ticket Tout. Choose staging the World Cup in '66 and being handed a huge sum from the FA to develop your stadium but continue to bang on about City’s ground. Choose opening the gates at Old Trafford in the 60s after kick off to let people in for free. Choose forgetting you went 41 years without winning a trophy. Choose your highest ever attendance being at Maine Road. Choose that attendance still being lower than City's. Choose United’s globalism and domination since the late '90s whilst forgetting the past. Choose an air disaster as a marketing tool. Choose forgetting about the survivors of Munich and kicking them out of their houses (which you owned) because they could no longer play football. Choose waiting 22 years to set up a charity match for the families of Munich. Choose milking Munich for 50 years and then getting beat by ickle ciddy on your own soil. Choose asking AIG to sponsor the Munich memorial.

Choose having statues of two City players outside your ground. Choose being so obsessed with City that you have a permanent banner dedicated to us on the Stretford End. Choose paying £28 million for Veron. Choose 19,000 fans at Old Trafford to watch you play Middlesbrough when you were in Division One but pretend you have loyal support. Choose the have-to-go-to-all-cup-games-because-you're-forced-to ticket policy. Choose the USA. Choose debt. Choose pricing out your own fans in favour of corporate Londoners. Choose having your own manager and players criticise your fans. Choose prawn sandwiches. Choose not being able to stand. Choose being outsung by 3,000 travelling away fans each game. Choose having Mick Hucknall and Eamon Holmes as your celebrity fans. Choose FC United…if they become successful. Choose Trafford. Choose United.

It's the 150th Manchester Derby, ladies and gentlemen. Do whatever it takes to be there.


Anonymous said...

my god how obsessed can a city fan get with utd, he knows more about utd's history than his own. tit!!

Dave said...

A beautifully scripted piece of irony there, anonymous coward.

Obsessed? You're the one surfing City sites, you thick rag knobhead. Cock off.

Anonymous said...

i am a city fan and feel totally embarrassed having to read a derby blog on a city web site which is all about Man Utd. Get a life and think about City's future not utd's past. the likes of you gives us blues a bad name!

Dave said...

Feel free not to read this website then.

If you think I know more about the rags' history than our own, you're more than welcome to come to the pub and chat to me about it.

This post was taken from Bluemoon and is a response to a well-known Rag Issue article about City. I thought it was perfect for stoking up the rivalry ahead of today's game because I know some Dubai-based rags read this site.

Fortunately, this is my website, so I'll put what I like on it. If you don't like it, don't come back. You won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

Come on Dave, the US isn't that bad! At least we didn't buy City, and helped tank AIG!