Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mcfc Dubai Changing with the Times.

Hello All

It has been decided between a few members recently that it is in the best interests of the Manchester City Supporters here in the Emirates that we change our name of MCFC Dubai to MCFC UAE as not to potentially alienate anybody who would be interested in joining up with fellow supporters that may live outside of Dubai.

It has been agreed also that if we use Dubai we are affiliating ourselfs with a major rival Emirate to the Capital Abu Dhabi and the home Emirate of our new owners which is not very appropriate. In changing the name to MCFC UAE we are now representing all supporters within the nation of the UAE and hence take down any barriers that may arise between the Emirates.

In order for MCFC UAE to grow we can now advertise in all the UAE daily papers as a collective rather than secular fan base. It may well allow the Abu Dahbi fan base to also grow equally as large as the Dubai fan base. In changing the Name we can hopefully get some benefits from the fact that the owners of MCFC live and operate in Abu dahbi and may wish to have Manchester Citys frontiers acting a lot closer to home.

I would appreciate any feedback anybody may have on this idea as it affects us all.


Mark Lynch